New Mind’s Eye Five  presents you with some of the best in new international writing on art, philosophy, sociology and history. Below you can find links to the essays and presentations. They range in subject matter from a comparison of Einsturzende Neubauten and Gordon Matta-Clark, an exploration of the work of Alighiero E Boetti, Craftivism, Barnett Newman’s spirituality, assessments of Feminist’s use of figurative imagery, how abstract painting can have musicality, studies of Nan Goldin and domestic violence, critiques  of the ‘post modernisation’ of performance and the ideas around the latest fashions in art criticism…

Dan Brown—Completion Through Renewal: How did Gordon Matta-Clark and Einstürzende Neubauten use destruction and deconstruction as a critique of modernism?

Yeonjoo Cho—Was figurative painting an effective tool that fit into feminists’ strategies?

Da Hee Lee—How abstract painting can be read, explained, adjusted and predicted through the study of Bach.

Richard Maguire—Through which orifice does he speak? A critical interpretative analysis of select works of Alighiero E Boetti relating to the function and form of Apophenia, glossolalia and the scatalogic.

Agata Mlynczak—Is this Love? Comparing the representations of personal trauma and female sexuality in art photography.

Thomas Scullion—Has the codification of a postmodern ‘style’ of devised performance in the UK led to a dissociation between aesthetic and ethos in contemporary performance work?

Joshua Speer—Is Object-Oriented Ontology the latest fashion, or just part of the system?

Michael Davitt—How do the views and criticisms of democracy offered by Plato compare and contrast with the views and criticisms of democracy evident in the Dewey/Lippmann debate?

Aditi Joshi—How do feminist artists use language in their work to have otherwise restricted discourse?

Benjamin Duax—The Authentic Messenger and the rise of the online Far Right.

Gregori Pujadas—Social Terror: Art and Anarchism ritual or reality?

Mengxi Yang—An Experiment where other’s minds are welcome—How René Magritte values personal artistic expression in his work.

Hatice Filiz Unverir—Is Beauty in the Eye of Beholder?

Sofia Kyriakopoulou—To What Extent Can We Really Understand a Non-Human Perspective?

William Joys—Whatever happened to the “actress” as an “object”?

Matthias Esch—How to deal with the image/word relation instead of focusing on the cognitive difference, or how to overcome dualism?

Yi-An Shiau—How can we contextualise Craftivism before and after Betsy Greer for other practitioners?

Mikhail Sokovikov—How can collective anonymity alter the de facto system of contemporary art commerce which is predicated on perverted adulation of individualized authorship?

Devon Yagian-Boutelle—Subverting the Pomegranate: is The Colour of Pomegranates actually a subversive film?

Connor Macdonald—What is the aesthetic of the new apathy?

Kyalo Searle-Mbullu—Impermanence.

Patrick Sturgess—Representing the Unrepresentable: Barnett Newman and the Impossible Image.

Xiaolian Lan—How does video art play with the spectator’s consciousness in the case of Bill Viola and Douglas Gordon?

Katherine Tynan—‘The hacienda must be built’: How successful were the Situationist International’s experimental practices in challenging the society of the spectacle?

Radu Lungu—Grand Narratives and Totalizing Tendencies in Urban Theory: A sketch for an alternative critical perspective.


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