This is ‘New Minds Eye’ which brings you some of the best new writing on art and culture. Below you’ll find short essays on a range of subjects. This is the first issue and as we progress we hope to expand the project into covering things from a more international perspective, with a greater range of media and subjects combining the ability to experiment with free expression of ideas and opinions. The idea emerged from students from The Sociological Imagination post graduate course at Glasgow School of Art as an independent project.

Sam Robinson—Can the Rich be Trusted to Make Art?

Alex Stursberg—The Gift and the Ghost: Value and Exchange in Contemporary Art

Kelly McLeod—Feminized Flora to Floral Feminism: Gender Representation and Botany

Frida Alvinzi—Can Disavowals be read as a performance art piece?

Julie Laing—Documentary film has connotations of veracity, but does this mean that films that use a documentary style tell us the truth about the society they present?

Steven Ramage—Does it Matter? The Role of Photographic Materiality in the Digital Age

Nikki Kane—Can places be considered ‘inalienable objects’, and how do they operate in connection with imagination?


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